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confidential content
photographer: paolo zerbini art direction: tobeconfirmed.studio

Late 90's.

VJC iconic campaigns portray, through the use of large group shots, values such as: inclusion, membership, boldness.

The group is always still the attitude is glorious and talk directly to the viewer.


2020. Same values, different appeal.

Here the group is in action, describing a generation on the move. The attitude is "a slap in the face", tone of voice is direct,  a generation that talks to the viewer through showing its lifestyle without hiding.  


Concept is about fun spring/summer break moments of a group of boys and girls in their twenties. The ambient is inspired by 90's Beverly Hills, streets with palms, playgrounds by the beach, cars, mansions and a rich free spirit youth. 



































Scenarios of pure summer fun are inspired by the main features of the collection (eg: denim ->urban cowboy).

Key character is the group, with highlights on the singularity of each individual. For this reason the communication lines will be developed on two levels: narrative and aesthetic. 

Narrative will follow the actions of our group. The framing is cinematographic, colours slightly saturated, reportage vibes, picturing the scene from the point of view of an invisible spectator. 

Aestethic has a strong fashionable connotation in order to glorify the collection through following contents: 


  • Group shots on location

  • Details shots on the group. 

  • Single shots studio set on location (white or coloured backdrop on location, using only sunlight) with a clean portraiture approach typical of 90's campaigns. 

  • Still life on models/ pure still life.

  • city landscapes

  • mood still life

The goal is to tell the collection both in relation to the group and to the individuality of the subjects that belong to it.





























































A large group of young boys and girls all dressed Versace JC.   6 main characters both boys and girls different ethnicities and age +  other extras (dancers, performers)

Heterogeneous street casting , with faces that represents coolness and realness of the generation we are speaking to, a generation who is not afraid to be what it is, that grows up with no prejudice, that is open to knowlege and acceptance of the human being as one with no labels or tags. Wouldn't be bad to wink to genderless through one of the characters.  




































It’s spring break or summer break. A significant moment of aggregation and freedom. 








































The scenery is a mixture of urban, exclusive and nature landscapes. 

Urban: I imagine an American seaside city, L.A. Vibes, big streets with palms, playgrounds by the beach. Our groups lives it’s city in full. 


Exclusive: a mansion with a pool area transformed in a 360* playground. A basketball hoop and a skating area set nearby the pool. They are enjoying all of the activities, our group expresses its coolness also through an healthy lifestyle. The vibes are always party looking. 



Amazing sunsets and dawns, warm yellow and blue and purple Skies, a party on the desert at the sunset. 


























































It's a celebration of the enjoyment of youth. They are wandering around the landscapes with cars, electric skates and scooters.

They are the owners of town.  





























thank you.